Q&A: Is it wrong to not follow a lot of people on Twitter?

QUESTION:  I know I am going against common practice, but right now I struggle to "follow" hundreds of people back on Facebook and Twitter. For me, it's all about relationships, and when I have too many people in the feed or flow, I start missing important stuff. So ... I force myself to limit how many people I "follow" on Twitter or "friend" on Facebook at the personal page level. Am I wrong or right?

This question was originally asked by Gil Gerretsen on LinkedIn.  You can find that full conversation here.

MY ANSWER:  I would say Twitter can be used in many ways, depending on what you want to get out of it. I don't think you're wrong to only follow a select few that you want to build a relationship with. That's definitely a great way to use Twitter.

Twitter, for me, is more of a discovery and reference engine. To start with, I NEVER look at my home feed. You're right, it's way too much information & noise if you follow a lot of people (which I do). I don't follow everyone, but I do follow everyone that follows me (unless it's an obvious spam account), and I actively seek out people to follow that are talking about things that interest me.

So what are my interests, and how do I use Twitter find relevant information?

Q&A: Is it wrong to not follow a lot of people on Twitter?


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