Facebook makes finding Pages you might "Like" easier.

Facebook is all about connecting you with friends & family, and once you have connected with 10-20 friends, Facebook will begin to suggest friends.  This feature has been one of the big reasons Facebook has exploded to 500+ million users in recent months.  You no longer need to search for your friends, Facebook finds them for you, and all you need to do is approve or decline each suggestion.

A similar feature is now available to find Pages for you to "Like".  Previously discovering Pages that might interest you was left to friends suggestions, your searches on Facebook, or a link from a website.  Each of these methods worked fine, but none took into account your entire profile.

The new Facebook Page Browser uses the information in your profile, wall posts, comments, interests, etc... to give you a list of suggested Pages you might want to join.

So, how well did it work for me?

The screenshot below shows my Page suggestions. It did a nice job finding some authors, sports teams, a few business near me, that I'm legitimately interested in.  There are some obvious pages appearing that are a stretch for my profile (Obama, The Daily Show, Lady Gaga).  I can only assume these are paid or somehow forced placments, which I don't have a problem with, as long as it's a reasonable number.

Facebook Page Browser

Another neat feature of this page is the list of my friends in the right column.  This shows me friends that Like the same pages as I do, so with a click glance, I can see which of my friends share the greatest interests.  It's a good thing my wife is at the top of the list :-)

Click here to start browsing your suggested Pages.

Click here to read more about Facebook Page Browser on Facebook's blog.


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